Toronto Aerial Night View

Vancouver Downtown

Coal Harbour Marina

Danny's Inn, on Cambie Street had an illustrious history

before its current "single tenant" accommodations.

The facing street, Cordova, was named after

Don Antonio Maria Villaces y Cordova,

Spanish Viceroy of Mexico

322 Water Street

Downtown Fiddler at Waterfront Station

Dominion Building at Victory Square

Dominion Building Side Entrance

Dominion Building Side Entrance

Victoria Cross Way

Dominion Building and Victoria Cross Way

Dominion Building with Cenopath at Victory Square

Victory Square

Beatty Street Drill Hall with Sherman Tank

The British Columbia Regiment

(Duke of Connaught’s Own)

is an Army Reserve armoured

reconnaissance regiment of

39 Canadian Brigade Group garrisoned

in Vancouver, B.C.

at The Beatty Street Drill Hall

Beatty Street Drill Hall Architecture

Marine Building

Marine Building Detail

Marine Building Detail

Hudson Bay Building

Sinclair Centre

The Sinclair Centre joins together four buildings

with a glass atrium:

The Post Office (1910)

It’s style is described as Edwardian Baroque

and was the main post office in Vancouver

until the late 1950s. Its 12-foot diameter clocks,

which sit in the tower above Granville

and Hastings,

were restored in 1986.

The Winch Building (1911)

Located on the corner of Howe and Hastings

this building

was built by cannery pioneer

Richard Vance Winch.

It was designed by Thomas Hooper

and was completed

for $700,000 and sold to the

federal government in 1925.

Customs Examining Warehouse (1913)

Sitting Howe and Cordova,

this building was designed by

Public Works’ Chief Architect

David Ewart and was built

by the federal government as a

warehouse to handle federal

requirements on imported goods.

It was used by

Customs until 1958. Until recently

it was also the

home of Morton’s Steakhouse.

The Federal Building (1937)

At the corner of Granville and Cordova

this was built as an extension

of the Post Office.


Hudson's Bay Company

Hotel Georgia Lobby Crystals and Clock

Waterfront Train Station Ceiling

Waterfront Train Station Rocky Mountains Mural

Waterfront Train Station Hallway